Welcome to Dallas Swim Kids!

Teaching children to become safe swimmers is the #1 priority of Dallas Swim
Kids. We build confident and proficient swimmers in a fun & relaxed environment. No matter what age, we have programs to help develop swimmers to reach all of their swimming goals.

Our class ratios start at 4:1 and are the best in Dallas! Once comfort in the water & safety skills is established, your kids will learn valuable swim strokes and techniques that will improve their strength and abilities in the water. When they are confident that they know how to swim well with endurance, their enjoyment of swimming increases significantly.

Whether they are babies, toddlers or grade school kids, strong swim abilities keep kids safe and secure. We commit to improving children’s skills from one level to the next in a safe, calm, clean atmosphere that’s also lots of FUN!

Our Swim Coaches are DSK Swim Academy certified.

You can choose tuition options designed for every budget — whether you prefer to save a lot up front, or use a 4 week auto-draft plan. And classes are offered every day of the week, including Sundays.